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Entry Level Online Jobs: Work for Lionbridge & Gengo

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Are you in need of extra cash and looking for remote jobs that you can do from home? Whether you’re a parent trying to make ends meet or a college student looking for opportunities, online jobs could be the solution to your financial stress. In this article, we will introduce the top entry level online jobs in 2020, focusing on the remote positions available at Lionbridge and Gengo. Keep in mind that these positions are subject to change.

The Best Entry Level Online Jobs: Gengo

  1. Online Translator

If you are multilingual with expert to native fluency in two or more languages, entry level online translation jobs could be perfect for you. Gengo, a leading provider of translation services based in Tokyo, offers translation opportunities in a wide range of languages. With over 10 years of experience and having translated over 1 billion words to date, Gengo accepts translator applications all year round.

  1. Data Entry and Data Annotation Staff

Gengo, now owned by Lionbridge Technologies, has expanded its platform to include AI data creation and annotation jobs. While these jobs may sound straightforward, they require great concentration and attention to detail. However, they also provide valuable work experience that can enhance your online career.

  1. Mobile and Desktop Search Reviewer (English-Japanese)

In this position, you will be evaluating products and online search results using a custom application on your Android mobile device. Your role will be to improve the content and quality of the results. For more entry level online jobs, you can visit Gengo’s careers page.

Why Work Entry Level Online Jobs for Gengo?

Gengo stands out from other translation companies in terms of customer satisfaction and translator care. They have developed a comprehensive testing and training process to ensure the quality of their translators. Paying their community on time is a top priority for Gengo, as they understand the challenges faced by freelancers. Their reliable and punctual payment system is one of the reasons why translators choose to work with them.

The Best Entry Level Online Jobs: Lionbridge

Lionbridge is a well-established company specializing in translation, crowdsourcing, and AI training data. With over 1 million contributors, they offer various job opportunities throughout the year. Here are some of the most common and in-demand positions at Lionbridge:

  1. Ads Evaluator / Ads Assessor

In this job, you will review online advertisements, providing feedback on their content, quality, and layout. You will also assess their relevance to the search terms used.

  1. Multimedia Judge

As a multimedia judge, you will review and evaluate online images and videos. This job offers flexibility in choosing your working hours, with a minimum requirement of 10 hours per week in most regions.

  1. Online Maps Quality Analyst

In this position, you will work from home with a flexible schedule of up to 20 hours per week. Using a web-based evaluation tool, you will assess the accuracy of map-related content.

  1. Personalized Internet Assessor

As a personalized internet assessor, you will review online search results for content and quality. You will provide feedback on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and assess their relevance and accuracy.

To apply for entry level online jobs in your country, you can visit the respective links provided.

Why Work for Lionbridge?

Lionbridge has built a trusted brand and has been listed as one of America’s best large employers by Forbes. With over 1 million contributors worldwide, they offer a reliable source of income for remote workers. Lionbridge’s commitment to fair pay and their reputable status in the crowdsourcing industry make them an attractive option for those seeking online jobs.

Testimonial from a Lionbridge Social Media Evaluator

Noel McDavid, a Social Media Evaluator at Lionbridge, shares her positive experience working with the company. She appreciates the fair pay and flexibility that the job offers, allowing her to work from home and choose her own hours. Moreover, her work at Lionbridge has helped her gain work experience and support herself financially while dealing with health issues and being a full-time college student. Noel is also pursuing her dreams of a career in writing and teaching. Her story reflects the impact that working with Lionbridge can have on someone’s life.

These were just a few examples of the best entry level online jobs available. Remember to sign up for newsletters and alerts to stay updated on new positions. Happy job hunting!

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