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Ink It Safe: Gorilla Tattoo Shop Safety Essentials and PPE Products

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As more people in the USA receive their vaccinations, there is hope for a return to pre-pandemic life. All industries, including the tattoo industry, are slowly reopening. Tattoo artists have always prioritized cleanliness and sanitation due to the nature of their work involving bodily fluids. However, the pandemic has highlighted the importance of taking extra safety measures to protect fellow tattoo professionals and clients from infections.

So why are tattoo shop safety supplies so important for your business?

In the tattooing industry, which involves the use of needles, a safe and sterile environment is crucial. There is no room for mistakes that could tarnish your reputation. Therefore, personal protective equipment plays a significant role in ensuring safety. Talent and experience alone are not enough without the right tools and protective equipment.

As a tattoo artist, you must prioritize keeping your workstation clean and free from contaminants. Make it a routine to sterilize your tattoo equipment and salon area. Using effective tattoo shop equipment and supplies is not an option; it is essential for maintaining a safe environment.

That’s why many tattoo professionals choose Gorilla as their go-to brand for tattoo safety supplies and PPE products. Gorilla offers a versatile collection of durable products that are ideal for any tattoo salon. Let’s take a look at some of the Gorilla tattoo safety products that should be part of your tattoo salon:

  1. Gorilla Tattoo Gloves

Wearing gloves is a must during the tattoo process, so it’s essential for all tattoo artists to have a stock of tattoo gloves. It is crucial to replace and dispose of gloves after each appointment. Gorilla offers three common types of tattoo safety gloves:

a. Vinyl Gloves

Gorilla’s black vinyl gloves come in various sizes and offer excellent personal protection. These powder-free gloves are chemical-resistant and non-sterile. They are especially suitable for those with latex allergies, providing a premium grip and dexterity.

b. Nitrile Gloves

Gorilla’s nitrile gloves provide a durable grip for tattooing and handling equipment. These synthetic gloves are available in different sizes and come in packs of 100. They are powder-free, reducing the risk of allergies. The black color of the Gorilla-brand nitrile gloves makes them look clean and suitable for various applications. They are also puncture-free and chemical-resistant, gaining popularity worldwide.

c. Latex Gloves

Gorilla offers black latex gloves in multiple sizes. These gloves have a full-textured finish and undergo a chlorination process, providing an excellent grip. Like the other gloves, they are powder-free, reducing latex protein allergies and the chances of contamination. Each box of Gorilla latex gloves contains 100 gloves.

  1. Gorilla Bottle Covers

Gorilla’s black bottle covers are designed to prevent leaks, especially when dealing with tattoo ink bottles. They fit onto squeeze bottles perfectly, preventing cross-contamination. These bottle covers can also be used for travel. They are available in two sizes: 6″ x 8″ and 6″ x 10″. If you own a tattoo salon, you can purchase the bottle covers in bulk.

  1. Gorilla Tattoo Equipment Covers

Gorilla’s tattoo machine clip-cord covers or sleeves are open on one side to slide over wires or cords. By covering the clip cord, you can maintain a sterile workstation and prevent cross-contamination. These sleeves come in sizes of 2″ x 25″ and 2″ x 32″. They are particularly useful when tattooing larger body areas that require multiple tattoo machines or different equipment at the same time.

Gorilla also offers machine covers for tattoo machines. These covers are like bags and come in two sizes: 4″ x 5″ and 5″ x 5″. They have a sleek black color to hide any mess during the tattooing process.

  1. Gorilla Self Adherent Wraps

Gorilla’s black self-adherent wraps are lightweight compression bandages that stick to themselves without adhering to other materials or skin. These wraps can be used for dressing wounds, providing gentle pressure without sticking to the limbs. They are useful not just after the tattooing process but also in medical settings, such as preventing excessive blood spillage after drawing blood for tests. Sizes available include 1″ x 5 yd and 2″ x 5 yd.

  1. Gorilla Barrier Film Sheets

These film sheets are ideal for covering and protecting items from contamination during the tattooing process. Each box of Gorilla barrier film sheets contains 1200 perforated sheets and comes with a convenient countertop dispenser box. Artists can use these sheets to cover power supply knobs, lighting equipment, tattoo chair arms, and other hard-to-clean and sanitize areas and equipment in the tattoo salon.

Ensuring a safe tattooing experience!

While wiping countertops and workstations with disinfectants can eliminate most contaminants, using covers and sleeves provides extra protection against microbes. So, never forget to cover your tattoo equipment and salon furniture before every appointment. In addition to face masks and shields, wearing hand gloves is essential.

Remember, a safe workstation is a combination of clean countertops, disposable PPE products, and a comprehensive hygiene policy for your salon. By implementing these safety measures, you can continue creating amazing tattoos!

Happy shopping and stocking up on tattoo safety essentials!

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